Welcome to Hamburg

We would be delighted, if we could accompany and assist you during your first steps around your new Hamburg neighborhood. Let us take care of everything which causes you trouble or consummates an unacceptable amount of your time during your relocation. We are convinced that it is much more important for you to deal with your new job environment, to organize the well-being of your family and to become acquainted with the interesting and beautiful sites of Hamburg.

As your relocation partner we

  • assist you to find the most suitable house or apartment
  • take care of every formal paperwork and complete all necessary dealings with the respective authorities
  • organize all aspects of your relocation and supervise the smooth execution with all parties involved
  • provide your family with a proven set of contacts to schools, sport clubs and all necessary recommendations
  • support you with your cultural, sportive, and social activities
  • help you to organize a frictionless transfer to your new location after your stay in Hamburg

In close cooperation we decide together with you about the appropriate relocation service package which reflects your and your family┬┤s needs, wishes and budget. We want to undertake every possible effort so that you have a pleasant and smooth start in Hamburg and would be delighted to share our views and experiences with you.

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